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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Aquatints Card

This card was an experiment.  It was also for my daughter to go with her cake.  I have had Sheena Douglass's Aquatints for a while, and really hadn't played with them in earnest.  So this was a first attempt at using the Pebeo drawing gum (which is a water based masking fluid - and is MAGIC!)

I couldn't find my water colour card - so this was done on ordinary heavyweight white card.  I stamped the flower image and leaves (one of Sheena's sets) and painted on the drawing gum.

I then painted the background using blue mixed with silver and green mixed with gold from the aquatints.  I then rubbed off the masking liquid, and painted the flower and leaves.  on the flower I painted the edge and then dragged the colour into the petals, and blotted it for a bit of faux bleaching.  The leaves got painted with various depths of the green and a bit of the red I used for the flower.   Finally I sprinkled some drops of water over the card and blotted them for some more faux bleaching effect.

Mounted on a matching piece of pink card and a stick on greeting added.

Quite pleased with this for my first attempt, and my daughter got a "real" card for a change instead of one designed in CAP!  

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