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Friday, 8 May 2015

70 Years Ago today

In the garden VE Day 1945

70 years ago it was VE Day and I was there, albeit a babe in arms.  My Dad and some pals wre given a 48 hours pass to join in the celebrations - so the all ended up at our house - sleeping on the floor.

My mum told me that they joined the throngs in the Mall dancing their way up to Buckingham Palace, chanting for the King and Queen to come out onto the balcony, which I gather they did a lot of times!  I was on my parents shoulders.

Apparently the next morning, they all awoke to discover a Belisha Beacon in the front garden - and nobody knew how it got there - at least nobody was telling if they knew!  It has been a standing joke and family story since then.

The baby in the photo is me with Dad and his REME pals.

Memory page produced in CAP2

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