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Sunday, 7 June 2015

A Little Paint Play

Whilst my crafting pal was up staying the other week, we treated ourselves to a little bird house each, and I decided to paint mine yesterday - I had not idea what I wanted to do - so just went with how the mood took me.

White Pebeo Gesso applied first. Roof painted to look like thatch with Pebeo iridescent DYNA paints in gold, precious gold, bronze, and orange/yellow mixed with Pebeo yellow. perch painted with bronze DYNA.

House painted light olive acrylic mixed with yellow/green ad green/blue iridescent and sponged using scourer with some pale grey. Windows painted with a Pebeo blue and mixed with DYNA Blue/green.

Green of plants and wisteria applied with kebab stick. Wisteria painted paint fusion style with two shades of lilac and white. Flowers at bottom created using end of a paint brush in pink and white.

Paving created with a stencil and Pebeo Texture Gel over a dark green base and painted with mix of grey and black.

Finally sprayed with Crafter's Companion Spray and Shine.

I also painted this little box, and for once I was very good and took the clasp and hinges off before painting!

I originally painted the top as the rest of the box, but then decided to apply liquid gold leaf.  (and I have touched this up as the photo shows where I missed a few bits!)

Black gesso over box and then Pebeo DNA iridescent, blue/green, green/blue, yellow/green, gold, precious gold and bronze randomly sponged on using kitchen scourer. A touch of Pebeo antique gold gilding wax applied to edges of box.

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