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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Clay Figurine

Another make, whilst my crafty pal was staying.  Made the figurine with Hearty Clay  ()air drying).

Her head, body and arms were made with the clay coloured flesh with powder cake decorating colours.  Using a kebab stick the body and head were stuck onto a polystyrene cone.

I then dressed her bodice and skirt and also her arms with white clay (i.e. straight from the packet), and attached the arms to the body, and made some hair with "squiggles" of clay.

When she was dry, I painted her with Pebeo DYNA iridescent acrylic paints.  Yellos/Green and green/blue for her dress and gold for her belt.  Colour was Pebeo white titanium.  Her hair was also painted with the DYNA iridescent using various colours, including gold, bronze asnd blue/black.

Finally she was sprayed with Crafter's Companion spray and shine to seal her.

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