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Monday, 22 June 2015

Groovi Board Parching with the Grandchildren

After painting their bracelets, the girls decided they want to have a go at my Groovi Board.  They were so good, as I only have one board and took turns really nicely.

Here are their finished results.  Didn't they do well for a first effort!  (In age order 9, 6 and 3).  I even let them use my new Spectrum Noir pencils and showed them how to do a bit of blending with the blending solution.

Connie wanted a rainbow, and as time was short I didn't have time to find my cake decorating circles, which were buried in my stash somewhere - so she used a plate!

and whilst her older two sisters were colouring their pieces, the 3 year old wanted to have a go too - so this is her effort (with a little help from me)

I was really chuffed with their efforts, and I know they were pleased with their results,   Think they may be hooked, and it is a nice relaxing occupation.  Rarely have I seen them so quiet!

I love crafting with my grandchildren.

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