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Friday, 12 June 2015

Mini Chest of Drawers

At last I have finished this little chest of drawers, which got thrown in a corner after I had gessoed it, as the wood of the drawers refused to fit!    I finally took the sandpaper to the drawers and applied some glide stuff that I had (from Lakeland).

The whole thing was painted with Pebeo Black acrylic and then I used versamark and Sheena Douglass's corner orchid stamp and heat embossed it with some burgundy powder.  I the painted the image with variious Pebeo DYNA iridescent paints to reflect the colours I used on the drawer fronts.

I couldn't decide what colour to paint the drawers - so ended up painting them in both colour ways that I liked.

Prior to applying the black gesso I applied some redundant peel-offs for the little detail on the drawers.

Again using the Pebeo DYNA iridescent acrylics, sponged on with a bit of kitchen scourer.   Colours used are:   Blue/Green, Green/Blue, Yellow/Green, and Precious Gold.  For the red drawer:  Red/Blue, Orange/Yellow, Bronze and Precious Gold.

The knobs were done with Pebeo Gilding wax.

Another view with drawers open
The measurements of this little wooden box are 4" high and the top is 3.3/4" square.

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