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Saturday, 20 June 2015

"Pebeo Bubbles"

Having seen a Pebeo U-tube video of little canvases 
(   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoLRAG2zV78    )  I decided I wanted to play .......

I didn't want to do a huge canvas, (and I am a skinflint when it comes to using my paints! )so I found these little cardboard discs that I originally was going to use for marbling with my grandchildren.  I didn't really want to gesso them all, so I just used some Pebeo gel to seal them.  

I wanted it to look like a lot of bubbles - so chose various sizes.   I may well re-arrange them before I stick them down permanently.

I then sat with a load of Pebeo Vitrail glass paints and Fantasy Moon paints and dribbled colours all over them with kebab sticks as the mood took me.  Really had fun.

To give you and idea of the size - they are on an A5 canvas.

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