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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Stencilled Wooden Heart


Another little play with a couple of my newly purchased stencils from Clarity Stamp open day.

I had already prepared the background with blue/green DYNA iridescent paint.  Yesterday, I mixed green/blue DYNA with Pebeo modelling paste and stencilled through the Clarity Large Leaves stencil, and added some shading with the bronze DYNA and a green acrylic from my paint fusions paints, with a little distressing with a scourer around the edges of the heart.

I then used the Reeds stencil, from the Natural Accents set and applied Pebeo sand texture gel.  When dried this was painted with various DYNA colours.

The three butterflies were created from Hearty clay, painted with DYNA violet/.blue and then gold gilding wax applied to them.  The shells were painted with the same colour and a touch of bronze DYNA.  Gold gilding wax applied to edge of heart.

I intended hanging the heart, but having taken the picture with it sitting on a canvas, maybe I will mount it on that.

Still undecided whether to mount the heart on card, I painted the back, which was already prepared with black gesso.  (just because I could! )

I used another of the stencils from the Natural Accents set and stencils DYNA yellow/green over it, and then added some more stencilled colour to the "non-leaf" section with green/blue.

Having found it's original cord, I decided to go with the hanging version rather than a mounted heart.

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