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Sunday, 12 July 2015

A bit of Groovi Board Parching

I couldn't get up in the Den today to do more to my "canvas" project, so I had a little play with the Groovi Board and some parchment.

It is still a bit of a learning curve, and am restricted to what I can do until my Christmas boards order arrives from Create and Craft (and they seem to be a bit slow this week! - I would have bought them elsewhere, but I had a £10 off voucher and it would have been rude not to use it!)

There is also the question of how to "fix" the parchment, and I would normally use brads, but with postage costs being what they are I wanted to keep the finished result as slim as possible.   I found a corner punch in my stash that I had forgotten I had, and used that -  but it wasn't quite right.  I don't really like the fancy corner it cuts, and I had to colour the slot with a black promarker, as that looked a bit weird with the cream of the card showing through.  It looks like a search of the net is in order to find a suitable corner slot punch.  (Let me know if you know where there are any for sale.)

The piece above was my second effort and below is my first - wouldn't have been too bad if I hadn't mucked up the snowflake.  But onwards and upwards as they say.

If anybody has got any good ideas as to how to fix parchment to a card without brads, please do let me know.

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