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Thursday, 2 July 2015

A bit of Parching!

My eldest granddaughter got sent home from school yesterday about midday, having nearly passed out with the heat.   She said that the heating was on in school too !!!!!!   They are doing a lot of building works, at the school and building a lot of new classrooms, and I think they are having a few "issues".  They had the fire alarm go off and they had to stand out in the sun for 45 mins, which didn't help!

Anyway once fed and well watered, and having quietly sat and done some homework, she decided she wanted to play with my Groovi board, so to keep her company I delved in my stash, and found my pergamano tools that I had never managed to get to grips with, and some patterns, and sat alongside her and created this little bookmark.

It is nowhere near perfect, but pleased with the attempt, and it kept me quiet in the heat!

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