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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Granddaughters Macrame Bracelets

I was child-minding youngest granddaughter today, and when her two sisters arrived home from school, they made some bracelets.  I had promised them that this week I would take the necessary materials for them to make bracelets, as they did so well making the cord dolls last week.

So here are the results - they even decided to put beads on too.  C's (6 years old) is the red one, and B's (9 years old) is the blue and black one.one.

Didn't they do well?  All their own work.  The only help from me was to help them adjust the fit of the loop and button fastening (well you can't exactly do it on yourself can you) and I then used the zapper to seal the ends for them (elf and safety and all that).

The only downside is the fact that they thought I was really clever making my bracelets ..... and now they know how easy they are!

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