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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Halloween Canvas

sneaky peek

I don't "DO" Halloween as a rule, but I was set a little challenge to come up with something,

I started with an 8 x 8 Pebeo canvas board to which I had alrady applied black Pebeo Gesso.  (as you can see it has been lurking in the Den for a while and had got a bit tatty)

applying the sencil

I then attached a mask from my stash (I won a set from Splodge Away) and with a palette knife applied Pebeo Modelling Paste over it.  (It is not really a cobweb, more the grain of a slice of wood)

Oops some of the paste went under the mask but no matter - I wanted it to look a bit like a cobweb!

Painting and adding letters

Once the modelling paste had dried, I painted the whole canvas with a mix of Pebeo Black and Pebeo DYNA Blue/Black

Next I applied Pebeo Silver Gilding Wax to the "web" with my finger, and gave it a polish,  Again with a finger I applied Pebeo Phosphorescent Gel (gree) to the web.

In my stash I had some Hessian stick on letters so I used those for the wording, and painted them with Pebeo iridescent gold DYNA paint, and then over-painted it with the phosphorescent gel.

I then used some wooden cutouts from my stash - and owl and a cat, and painted the Owl wit a mixture of DYNA paints - Bronze, Red/Blue, Gold, and Precious Gold, sponging on the colours to try and get some shading.  I also put some texture into the paint with some rubber "paintbrushes/modelling tools" that I have in my stash (see picture below).  The Cat was paint with the same colours as the background Black and Blue/Black.   Eyes were painted with DYNA yellow/green and then both pieces had more of the phosphorescent gel.

Products used

My Rubber paint brushes/modelling tools  (from The Works)

Finished Canvas

I am now waiting to see if the fluorescent effect shows up in the dark!

I am not completely happy with the cat - I might do something to him and paint him with some Pebeo black ceramic or Pebeo vitrail, and some Pebeo Fantasy paint for eyes to make him stand out more.  I might even try another owl with Fantasy paints!    Watch this space!

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