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Monday, 20 July 2015

Little Box

Having had the request from granddaughter No 3 to paint the little box that I shared yesterday, Granddaughter No 4 piped up as I was leaving the other week that she would like a box painted too!

When asked what colour she would like the reply was blue and pink!

I happened to see this little box in The Works when I was buying the desk tidy, and decided it was just about the right size for a three year old!

So blue it was - mixing a very pale blue/grey with a metallic blue.  (It is actually not quite as deep in colour as the photo), and for the pink element I sponged some pink Pebeo iridescent on it.   So far so good, but how to finish it?

Out came my Pebeo paint fusion paints, and I decided to paint a rose on the top and on the front side.

View of Top

Once again I hope, like the one I did for her sister, that she likes it.  Happy customers, in particular the ones that are my grandchildren, are such a pleasure! 

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