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Friday, 31 July 2015


Hopefully this will be a vague step by step guide to how I decorated these MDF letters from The Works.

First apply gesso with either a brush or a sponge

Then apply White Pebeo Ceramic paint to the top side

and whilst wet dribble on Vitrail, and Prisme (or Moon) paints and then add in some ceramic paint
and run a kebab stick through the paints to mix them
When dry apply ceramic paint to the other sides and let dry in between the sides.  (I also applied a coat of resin over the top of this set.)
Finished Letters

I also did a set to which I applied Black gesso and then applied red vitrail to the top

Whilst  red Vitrail is wet drop on some Pebeo Fantasy Moon
 with a kebab or cocktail stick

then dribbled on some Carmine Fantasy Moon, and some antique white ceramic

Finally drop in some more red vitrail (sorry about quality of picture, but you can see
the drops of red vitrail
) and then draw a kebab stick through to mix

When dry apply the red vitrail to the other sides/edges

Finished letters

Finished letters

and do you remember this set?  

Done the same way, but black gesso first and black Ceramic paint
The bonus with HOME is that the letters are reversible - so I did different colours
on the front and bakc

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