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Monday, 31 August 2015

A fabulous Day Out

Something a bit different from me today.  On my bucket list was a trip to the Harry Potter Experience.  My daughter took me last Thursday, along with my eldest granddaughter and her friend.

Well what can I say - it was fabulous.  I think as a crafter, I appreciated all the work that goes into making all the realistic props.  I always thought a lot of it was just painted backgrounds etc.  but how wrong can one be.   The attention to detail was fantastic.  You also got to see how certain things were done with remote controls etc - fascinating!   I took about 280 photos and my daughter took even more!

A dining table with realistic looking food

just a small selection of props

Before they make the stage sets, plans are drawn out, and then made up in cardboard to scale; not only helping the set builders but also they can work out camera angles.

Cardboard model

The beautiful Hogwarts Castle

When you are first introduced to the "exhibition" they do say as you walk around ask questions.  I wished I had asked more questions.  However, on a couple of occasions I did, and I got shown a close up of resin goblins hands, and the face mask that Pam Ferris wore for her costume, which were not out on display ........  But, the highlight was being shown Tom Riddles book  (one of many made in case of retakes, but only one remains).  I was shown the workings, and had my photo taken with it !!!!!!   (As I make faux leather you can imagine that this book really interested me).

the highlight of my day!
So I will just say if you get the opportunity to go, do so.  Yes, it is not a cheap day out, but worth every penny.  They say to allow 3 hours for your trip around the studios - well we were there for over 5 hours, and intend to go back again,  as I am sure there were bits we missed.   

If you go - don't forget to ask questions - you never know what extra things you might learn!

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