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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Wooden Watermill

Work in Progress
 I had watch Paul church demo these kits on Create and Craft and was very tempted.  However, there was a chap selling them on a market stall in town ther week before last, right next to where my son was taking part in a "Hack Horsham" demonstration.   Well it would have been really rude not to buy something wouldn't it?

I could have bought loads.   Anyway I fell in love with the Watermill.  Goodness knows what I will do with it or where I will display it.   Perhaps I will get some yacht varnish and coat it when I have painted it - and it can go in the garden by my bridge and imitation stream!

Nearly completed - one piece of wood to go on after I hace removed wheel and painted
Just needs painting now - can't wait.  Watch this space for the finished result.

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