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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Black and White

My eldest granddaughter's favourite colours these days are black and white, so with her requiring a cake for her birthday on Valentine's day, the answer was obvious.

I kept it simple for maximum effect - she is over the moon with it!  -  phew!

The cake is a a gluten and dairy free sponge, with a vanilla "buttercream" and strawberry jam filling and then coated in sugarpaste.  It is the first time I have made a gluten free sponge from scratch and it turned out really well, and was nice and moist.  For the dairy free part I used Stork hard margarine which is made from vegetable oil.   (I always have used Stork instead of butter, ever since I started making cakes, many many years ago - mainly because my favourite cake recipe book is a Stork one!) The "buttercream" filling was also made with hard Stork with vanilla extract added.   Many people will say yuk - margarine - but actually it works better than butter and is not so cloying!

close up of rose detail

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