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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

A couple of cards for a dear friend

Two cards for a crafting pal.  This one is from me and was an experiment using some carved wooden stamps.  The sentiment was foiled with blue foil using my TODO machine.   First time I have managed to foil a sentiment, and first time I have used the blocks to stamp on card, although I have used them on material before.

OK it is a quite naive sort of card, but as said pal also bought some of these indian wooden stamp blocks,when we were at a craft show, I am hoping she will appreciate it!  (particularly as she knows I don't do stamping that often!)

On the other hand, this is the one I made in CAP for her husband to give her.  She is quite into "fantasy" stuff, so thought this was quite apt and a bit different.   Hope he likes what I have created, as he left the design to me when he requested I make the card; and hope she likes it being the recipient.

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