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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Attempting Something New!

I happened to be watching some catch up programmes on HOCHANDA, and came across one on watercolour painting.  Well I will own up that I am useless at painting, and although I have water-colour paints for colouring in stamped images, I had never attempted a "painting" - well not since my school days, when I think my teacher gave up on me!

 I had some watercolour postcards in my stash, with a view to making some toppers with them, and they were the right weight so I decided to paint along with the programme.

So far so good, I also found some suitable paint brushes in my stash.   I didn't have the watercolours that they were using, but I did have some Lyra aquacolour crayons, and some Aquamarkers.

So here is my first attempt, painting along with the programme.


I then decided to find some videos on U-tube by the same man - Matthew Palmer  (do look them up), and I attempted a second painting - a snow scene - not quite so successful, although it does look better in real life.

Snow scene

Thanks for popping by.

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