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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Princess Cake

A princess cake for one of my granddaughter's 7th Birthday tomorrow..  It is years since I used the bell shaped cake tin.    Probably since my daughter was a child!

I had the doll head pick in my cake stash and thought it was time to use it.

close up of one side of cake with wafer butterfly

I textured the paste with an embossing flower design

close up of other side of cake showing the cape, which was embossed using a silk effect rolling pin

close up of bodice detail and tiara
When I was making the tiara it was evening, and I thought the beads were blue!    As it happened I didn't have any blue beads of the right size - but I am sure the recipient won't mind - out of sunlight they look turquoise anyway!  (as you can see from the picture taken indoors just after I made the tiara!)

I have to say the photos really don't do the cake justice - it looks so much better in real life.

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