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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Door hangers

A little bit of an experiment for some door hangars for my granddaughters when they are visiting their Dad.


I wanted to try and keep in with the colour scheme of the house he is renting, so used golds and creams.

After first applying a layer of white Pebeo gesso, I used Leonie Pujol's templates for creating the background to the words, sponging on the colours, and then I outlined the words with transparent Pebeo Cerne Relief.   I love these templates and the various words.   When dry I filled in the letters with Pebeo fantasy paints in Moon and Prisme.

The butterflies and the little tags on the back were also flooded with the Fantasy paints, and appropriate initials added in gold Cerne Relief, as were the zzzs on the tags.

The flowers and dots were done with Pebeo Mixtion relief and when that had dried (which leaves it with a glue like finish) I add gilding flakes.

The hangers were finished off with a touch of gold Pebeo gilding wax on the edges.

I am quite pleased with how they turned out, and are certainly different to the girly fairy ones I made for their rooms at home a couple of years back.

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