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Saturday, 25 June 2016

More with those owls - experimenting

Remember these?

.... Well, I had a play with some Pebeo Markers I got given and added a bit more detail.  I only had a 2mm white and 4mm black so limited with what I could do.  I gather you can use them over Pebeo Fantasy Prismé and Moon paints too.  (The markers are oil based).

Owls with marker pen details added

I also managed today to get hold of another product I wanted to try:  DecoArt Media "Liquid Glass".

flooded with Liquid Glass

The Liquid Glass has dried

Well I couldn't get a decent picture of the finished owl with the dried Liquid Glass - but all I can say is WoW!     I love it!  Just like a resin topcoat.   In the past I have used the UV one which requires sunlight to dry.    This was touch dry in just over an hour, and in reality looks really fab.   It will be great for jewellery on top of Pebeo Fantasy paints!

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