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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Wooden Owls

I had a little play with some wooden owls.   Initially I put some Pebeo Mixtion Relief paste on them on the outlines that were on the owls, and when dry I applied Pebeo gold mirror leaves.

The next decision was how to paint them.  I was going to use distress inks, but decided to have a play with some Vitrail and Vitrea in various shades of brown and gold.   The eyes then had Pebeo Fantasy Moon and Prismé applied to them in White and Gold. The Gold was also applied to the feet.

To give them a bit of pearlescent finish, I mixed Maimeri Iridescent paste and Glassy Gel, and I painted over the brown areas.

The photo doesn't really do the finished owls justice.

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