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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Cake for special girl

My granddaughter gained her Baden Powell Challenge Award (The highest Award in the Guide Section of Girlguiding)

We learned that it was to be presented to her at a meeting that her mother and I were going to but with less than two days notice!   No panic then to produce a cake.  I also learned that two other friends from her Guide Company were also being presented with their Awards, so it had to be a fairly large cake to serve all those attending.   

So the panic set it over the weekend - had I got enough ingredients for cake (six egg sponge) and had I enough sugarpaste.   Fortunately I did have enough sugarpaste in stock, and a quick late night trip to the corner shop solved the shortage of eggs!  I also had enough icing sugar in to make royal icing for the shells.

I had no time to ice the badge properly, so thank heavens for our little cake shop that prints designs on to icing.  I emailed them the design Monday morning, and it was ready to collect by lunchtime, when I also collected the board to put it on!

Yes the cake was ready by Monday evening for the presentation ceremony.   It's not my best work, but it was such a rush to get it done.

The girls were thrilled.   Special occasions and achievements NEED a cake!

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