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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Hand Mirrors



When my granddaughters came to visit last week, I promised to paint up some hand mirrors for them,, that I had bought at the Sandown Craft Show; and asked them to choose what colour etc they wanted.

These are the results of my handiwork.   I was panicking that I had got their "orders" right - but can confirm that I did - and they were thrilled with them when they collected them this week!   phew!

They were all painted with white gesso, and then .....

B's was painted white, and then silver stripes applied with metallic marker (using masking tape).

T's was painted with blue-green Dyna and sponged with the purple DYNA.  I then painted some little paint fusion roses around it.

C's  was also white - but she wanted flowers on it - so she had larger roses painted on hers

The initials for all three were drawn free-hand using Mixtion relief paste, which had silver foil applied, and then the outlines were flooded with various Pebeo Fantasy paints to give the effect of enamel.

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