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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Mixed Media Samples

Well I did say I had a lot of catching up to do - so here is another one for today:

Inspired by the Pebeo Mixed Media show on Hochanda, my pal and I decided to have a go at a similar canvas to the one Voitek (spelling) demonstrated.

My canvas

We both used the same paints on a black gessoed canvas, and roughly followed applying the paints as demonstrated - colours applied were DYNA blueblack, bluegreen and green yellow.  Initially painted on with a brush in random strokes, and then sponged on.  Circles were then drawn with 4 Artist marker in white (we didn't have a small silver one at that point in time).  Clear Cerne was applied over the circles, and they were then filled with turquoise fantasy paints.

Silver 4Artist Marker was then flicked at the canvas and pulled out with the Vitrail sparkle medium, we also used the sparkle medium to apply random strokes.

Sassie's canvas
As you can see this ccanvas is quite different, although we were both doing basically the same thing - Sass has applied strokes of the Silver Marker to hers as well, and over-painted them with the sparkle medium.

We also edged the canvas with the silver marker

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