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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Shells and Mixed Media ... and Pebeo of course!

I have just had a few days away with the family, and whilst on the beach we collected a few shells, so when it came to child-minding them today, I decided to set them a mixed media challenge and use some of the shells, and some from a tub of mixed shells that I bought some time ago.  They also discovered my stash of buttons, and glitters!   Of course glitter and little girls are a MUST!  lol!

They were allowed to choose what they wanted to do, and I gave them a quick lesson in dry brushing with my effort.

Here are the results of their efforts.

4 yr old's door hanger - She applied some modelling paste with a palette knife, and stuck the shells on, and then painted the whole thing with black gesso..  She then dry brushed the shells with Pebeo DYNA iridescent paints  When dry, Crafters Companion Spray and Shine was applied, and she added a little glitter.   Then another coat of spray and shine to seal in the glitter.   

The door hanger is even better in real life - and for four years old she did an excellent job - must confess I was amazed how she comprehended what to do!

The 7 year old's Teddy covered with texture paste and then black gesso and gold DYNA iridescent.  Then decorated with buttons  He looks really "furry".

7 year old's door hanger - strips of different width masking tape was applied, as she liked he striped effect I did on her sister's hand mirror - and wanted to know how to do it)  and  Silver DYNA applied.  Tape was then removed and PVA glue painted between the silver stripes and glitter applied.   She then punched out some little flowers and painted then in silver, pink and purple and stuck them on.  Spray and Shine applied to seal the glitter.

A few weeks ago the 10 year old and I prepared "faux canvases" using MDF, and this was her finished piece - again the shells were attached using modelling paste, black gesso applied, and then dry brush with  Pebey DYNA iridescent, and a coast of spray and shine applied.   The black "canvas" was then stuck to the white MDF, and displayed using a Clarity Stamp display stand.

This was my effort at a "faux" canvas using MDF - texture gel applied at the bottom, and modelling paste sponged over the top two thirds.  Shells stuck on with modelling past and a little wooden flower applied for a sun.  Black gesso applied to the whole thing, and then dry brushed with various Pebeo DYNA iridescent paints.  (I do love the bluck black iridescent I used for the sky background)  Spray and Shine then applied, and black "canvas" stuck to white canvas.
I do love the idea of mounting a smaller canvas onto a larger one (Thank you Barbara Gray for the idea) -   .http://barbaragrayblog.blogspot.co.uk/  It turns it into a piece of art.   I might get the 7 year old to mount her teddy onto a canvas too!

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