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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Fabric painted bag (the other side)

You may remember that I attempted to do some fabric painting on a bag the other week; well I purchased some new stencils, the other week, and the finally arrived.

As you may recall, I wasn't happy that the owl on the other side, and didn't feel it "popped" enough, so this time I created a white background.

I placed the mask on the bag, and then placed masking tape around it to outline the size of square I needed.  Removing the mask I painted the square.

The mask was then put back, and the tape moved to hold it in place.

Finally with a stencil brush, having removed the mask, I randomly stippled the blue outline.

close up

and just to remind you - this was the first side.    (I think I might use the stippled edge idea, and add to this with a white stippled edge - that should make it "pop" more.)
the first side

I had intended to spend the day yesterday with a paintbrush in my hand, after stenciling the owl, but unexpectedly I had to look after my youngest granddaughters, so I though I would share what they got up to to prevent me from doing "my thing"!

Obviously it involved stencils! but I played it safe and they used card and water-colour paints.   They also raided my stash of flowers etc.

The 7 year old's cardboard bag - 1st side

and the reverse side

The 4 year old's stenciling and collage

another by the 4 year old - but she was getting tired by this time - lol!

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