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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Family tree

This is really work in progress.   I bought the mdf shape at the Sandown Craft Show - unfortunately I can't remember the name of the stall - such a shame as they had some lovely stuff.

To start with I used distress inks on the trunk and branches, and then swapped to to the MediaArt paints.   I added lots of water over the top when I had finished getting the shading effect I wanted and sprinkled some Cosmic Shimmer clear Ultra Thick Embossing Crystals over it - making it wetter in some places.  I then heated the crystals with my heat gun, so that I got a random raised finish.  More distress ink was then applied.

I painted the leaves and the birds with more mediaart products.

However, I can'd decide what colour to paint the hearts - thus the work in progress!   I also have some tiny mdf owls that I might use instead - decisions, decisions.   Suggestions for the colour of the hearts welcome.  So far I have had suggestions of bronze, red and green.

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