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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Revisiting some stash!

I decided to turn out and tidy my craft stash in the study/craft room.  In the process I came across a lot of toppers and bits and bobs that I had.

I decided that I really ought to use some of these bits, particularly as I had saved them because I liked them.  (there is a lot of Christmas stuff - in particular sentiments that can be used too).

So this card uses some of those bits that I discovered, and I should clarify here that the centre of the flowers and the sentiment are actually silver and not gold as they appear in the photo!

However CAP2 didn't get forgotten as I used that to make the insert!

I confess that although I did clear out a lot of stuff, I still have a lot left, but it all looks a bit tidier and card has been colour coded and other bits sorted into boxes - i.e. stencils, stamps, embossing folders etc etc.  I also promise to try and put stuff back in its proper box when I have used it!   

Yes, I probably do have too much craft stuff, but can a crafter have too much?  I know my crafty pals will relate to this.   At least I have plenty that the grandchildren can raid!

..... and of course there is a lot more crafty bits winging their way to me .........   ooops!  (now where am I going to store those?)

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