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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Playing with candle paints

I treated myself to some candle paints and some stencils the other week, and this is what I got up to, on some cheap candles from one of the pound shops.

and here they are in close up:

Using a stencil -  first view

second view

third view

masked with tape for the stripes

Using stars from a stencil

splodgy effect on the other side
Using the stencils on the curved surface was a bit interesting even when they were taped down.   so I think I need larger candles or smaller stencils!  I also think I would have been better using a sponge with the paint rather than a stencil brush.

Having done the first three, I then went in search of any other candles around the house that I could paint!
A burgundy square candle with stencilled swirls

created a mask from a die, and painted  this candle - because of the colour of the candle the wording didn't
show up that well so over-painted it that with white and added a few splodges to the candle

Reverse side - another mask cut from a die, and before it didn't show up that well, so it was over-painted with white
and a gold centre stippled on
I only bought four colours - think I need to treat myself to some others.

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