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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Clay Gnomes & Wizards

I had a little play with some air dry clay the other day, and made a couple of gnomes/wizards that I had seen demonstrated a while back on Hochanda.   (It took a while for my order to arrive, by which time the programmes on catchup had expired - fortunately I managed to watch one of the last repeats and "snip" some inspiration and save it).

For the figure on the left I shaped a cone of card and draped the clay round it.   Added some twine (unraveled) for its beard.   Then added a nose (you don't need a head as such just a large nose shape.   I then worked some all round medium into a piece of hessian for the hat.

The figure on the left is slightly hollow - using my fingers.  He had a round head an a smaller round for his nose.  I then flatted a strip of clay and snipped into it and textured it for his beard.    When I looked at my original "snips" from the show - I discovered he was supposed to have a clay hat!  (oh well next time - lol!)

In the first picture I realised the gnome looked more female as its beard had moved and it looked more like hair - so I re-arranged the twine - hopefully it looks more like a beard in this photo:

When I have time I will make a little family of these for next year, as I want to make some more fairy doors, and I can hopefully create a little scene.  I might even try to paint some of them as an experiment too!

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