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Monday, 5 December 2016

Nostalgic Christmas Cake!

For the past few years, my daughter has said she would really like a traditional snow scene Christmas Cake, like we did when she was a child.

Well this year she has one.   This cake is for her husband, who loves my rich fruit cakes, and who fancied a royal iced cake this year.   So I decided to cheat, and give her a snow scene.   Instead of taking me nearly a week to get all the perfectly smooth layers of icing on, this took my less than half an hour!  (My daughter has another small cake to come coated with sugarpaste, which is gluten free).

I did a very quick "smoothish" coat with a palette knife, and then went over adding more icing and paddling it into peaks.  smoothed a little path and added the ornaments (on the understanding she gives them back to me later!)

I then paddled a thin layer of icing onto the board and stippled it with the palette knife.   Voila done!

It is ages since I iced a cake this way - probably the best part of 40 years!

I now have to decorate another four cakes, which have had their sugarpaste on.  (Now how many cheats can I get away with on those!)

The proof of the qulity of the icing will be in the cutting.  Normally my royal iced cakes cut like butter.  Hope I put enough glycerine in it!

I will share pictures of the other cakes as I get to decorate them!

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