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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Painting with Brushos

Having received some Brushos for Christmas, and then watched the demos on Hochanda by Alison C Board, I decided between two of the shows to attempt one of the techniques she showed - painting trees.

Well here it is my first attempt at a water colour painting.   I own up that I cannot draw for toffee so am quietly pleased with this.  OK I can see where I can improve but for a first I have to say it's not too bad!

The trees were created using masking tape torn down the middle, and I the applied some masking fluid across the trunks and created the hills and the moon and a few stars with the fluid to.

I then painted the trees with grey and brown brushos, and using the brown and the edge of a piece of card I created the branches.

I then painted the sky (although I probably should have done this before I removed the masking tape and painted the branches!

I highlighted my hills with a little grey and when dry I removed all the masking fluid, finally using the edge of a piece of card to create the fence.

I shall be trying a lot more techniques that I learned with the Brushos - so watch this space!

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