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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Experimenting with Starlight Wax

I treated myself to some Imagination Crafts Starlight Wax the other day, which I bought mainly for mixed media projects to use as a gilding wax.  However as it is water based apparently you can use it in other ways.

I created the feather outline, by taking an image from the Net, and printing it out.  I then used Trace Down and transferred the image to some water colour paper.  Using my mapping pen I outlined the traced image with Pebeo Drawing Gum.

When the gum was dry I mixed the sky and apple green waxes with some water to a painting consistency and created a wash for the background.   When this was dry I removed the drawing gum to reveal the feather outline, and also went over the feather with a putty rubber to ensure there were no trace lines remaining.

I then edged the card with neat wax, using my finger so that it picked up the texture of the water colour card.   Finally I decided to attempt to use the wax for the words.  I used the Clarity alphabet stamps.  I put a little wax on my craft mat and spread it out using a damp brush, stamped into it and tried out the result.   It didn't work that well.  So I decided to use some cut and dry foam.  I spread out the neat wax again on my craft mat, and then used the cut and dry to pick up the wax and wipe it across the surface of the stamps.  A quick trial and yes it worked, so "inked" up the stamps again and prayed.

The water colour card was then mounted on pearlescent card and an insert created in Craft Artist.

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