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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Upcycling - Bottle Light

This project has been on the cards for a while, but I couldn't quite decide how I wanted to decorate it.  It is for one of my granddaughters. You may remember I made her sisters a dream jar some weeks ago,  when I used a set of the bottle lights.   She wanted me to do something with this dark bottle that has been lurking in my kitchen since we emptied it at New Year!

Originally I was going to etch into the glass, but was to scared to try in case I ruined it.  Suddenly last night in bed it came to me (why do ideas come when you are just about to go to sleep?).  I had bought the bee and dragonfly dies at the Farnborough craft show last month, as I knew the bee would be very useful with a granddaughter of the same name, albeit spelled differently.

I cut the dragonfly and bees from acetate, and to start with I coloured the backs with Pebeo markers in black and gold for the bee.  I then mixed Luscious powders with "Slap-It-On" and painted the fronts and backs again.  More Slap-it-on was applied when dry and unicorn sparkles applied, with a further coat of S-I-on to seal the sparkles.

I affixed the acetate to the bottle with more Slap-It-On, and then used  Decoart Paper Effects to stick the jewels on the bottle.

It was difficult to photograph the finished project so here follows a few views taken outside and indoors and a couple with the lights switched on.

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