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Saturday, 1 April 2017


I had the three youngest grandchildren today and we did some crafting.  We did two shifts.  The first one was with the 10 year old and the 5 year old, whilst their sister was out buying her birthday presents, and spending birthday money with her Dad, and then I had the birthday girl, whilst her two sisters went out with Dad to buy their present for her.

The unicorn at the bottom was painted by the 10 year old, using luscious powders, a little gold paper effects and some unicorn sparkles (what else!).  

The pink unicorn on the right was the 5 year old's.  Originally she was going to have a white unicorm, so it was white gessoed.  She then decided she would have a pink unicorn so she painted it with luscious powders, the same as her sister.  She wanted black hooves, so they were painted with black pebeo, and she used gold pebeo on the mane and tail.  The horn was again painted with gold paper effects and unicorn sparkles added.  She also decided to add a wooden butterfly.  (I got a lovely selection from The Works during the week for £1).

Finally the purple unicorn was painted by the 8 year old.  again using the luscious powders, and originally the hooves and main were pink like the tail, but she decided to add some unicorn sparkles using some flitter glue.  The horn was done the same as the other two, and she chose a snail from the "butterfly" selection that her sister used.

Before we sprayed them with Spray and Shine, we applied some Pebeo Silver Glitter paint all over them.  (ooo  I love the silver and gold glitter paints - they are in a sort of transparent paint - a bit like the effect of pva glue - it goes on a sort of slaked white colour, and then when it dries you are just left with the glitter - magical!)

I think they made an excellent job!

PS:  The unicorn theme continued today for the birthday girl as you will see from the following posts.

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