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Sunday, 28 May 2017

70th Birthday Cake

My brother-in-law not only lives in Brighton, but is a Brighton and Hove Albion supporter,  He also enjoys sea fishing.    Obviously the cake had to reflect these interests.   His daughter-in-law has also arranged a party for him and the theme is blue and white!  

My daughter had been to Brighton, and had taken some lovely photos of the pier, seagulls and some pebbles on the beach, so I "borrowed" them and they were amalgamated for the background.

I had a cartoon of a fisherman, which I recoloured and then found a picture of real fish that I adapted to fit on the line.

Obviously I had to incorporate the football team logo, albeit they are known as the seagulls, so I had already put them in the picture!

Originally I was going to just make an oblong cake with an oblong picture, but then decided to use my T-shirt pan - and try out some airbrushing to get the football team strip on it.    Not too bad an attempt.

Obviously I wasn't going to put 70 candles on the cake - so was quite pleased to find these in our little cake shop.
cake with candles
Hope he likes it!   (Well tough if he doesn't - it is the first time I have ever made him a cake - so if he doesn't like it - it will be the last - lol!)

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