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Friday, 19 May 2017


Having watched a demo where they painted with Tonic Nuvo Mousse which had water added to it, I wondered if you could paint with watered down Imagination Crafts Starlight Wax ...........


Firstly I painted the whole of the outside of this little wooden "basket" (for want of a better word) with the watered down Black Wax - no previous preparation  - just straight on on to the bare wood. (If it hadn't worked I was going to apply black gesso first, but it wasn't needed).  (It probably would have been a good idea to paint the whole thing first with black gesso, but that wasn't he point of the experiment).

Today I have over painted the panels with watered down Dark Orchid Wax, Antique Pink Wax, and then got brave and tried Pentart Chameleon Wax Paste in Blue - this didn't like being watered down, so it was applied with a brush and my finger.  The final panel had watered-down Deco Art Metallic Lustre applied (colour Lavish Green).

As you are supposed to be able to stamp with the Starlight Wax, I then experimented with this using white gold for the butterflies and dragon flies, pearl for the leaves, but on the green background I used the Black wax to make it show up more.  (Stamps used were Clarity Stamps).   Stamped images are not perfect, but then I was stamping straight on to wood and not a smooth surface.

The top edge and the edges of the hearts outlines had more neat pearl wax applied and the corner edges had m.sky wax applied, both using my finger.

The inside had a coat of black gesso applied to it.  Finally a coat of spray and shine was applied - ok the outside didn't need it, but I just kept going after spraying the inside!

Yes it is a mishmash of effects, but it was an experimental piece and will be used in my Den for storage!  (Let's face it if I get fed up with I can always apply black gesso and start again!)

Panel using Starlight Wax - Dark Orchid
Stamped with White Gold Pearl

Panel using Starlight Wax - Antique Piunk

Panel "painted" with neat Blue Pentart Chameleon Wax Paste 

Panel painted with watered-down Lavish Green DecoArt Metallic Lustre
stamped with Black Starlight Wax (I actually stamped leaves in blue first,
but hey didn't show up well - so over-stamped in Black

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