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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Experimenting - what will it be?

Well it was like this .... we had a family birthday party a couple of weeks ago, and there was this packaging from a frozen dessert heading for the bin ....   well I couldn't resist could I?   (Particularly as I had watched a demo using bits of polystyrene being upcycled a couple of days after I had thrown all my packaging out of the garage!  duh - a crafter should know you never throw anything out!)

I didn't know where I was going with this when I started it.  I used some Powertex Stone Art to begin, and then added bits of material, twine, Powertex balls and sand.  Made some Powertex Clay and made daisies and leaves etc etc.

I sprayed it with loads of different Bister colours

No it isn't a cabbage as somebody thought - that is the plastic I was working on to protect the table!

 I then applied some pigments and varnish to "paint" it.  Was it finished?  Well I thought it was - I thought it would make a sort of window.

a view of the sides

I still wasn't quite sure about the finished result - and wondered if I could put something in the middle.  One granddaughter suggested a Troll House.

I decided to have a play - I had an empty paste jar in my stash!  so I made a little house, and then starting with a cone of paper, which I gradually cut down to size I created the base of a Norwegian Gnome.  The paper cone was covered with hessian and I made a little head and nose from Powertex clay, and put a hat one it.  The beard was made from cotton wool.

Troll house and Gnome partially completed
With finished house and gnome
I then went over the house and gnome again with pigments and varnish to brighten it up.

another view (as you can see the original "square" has been turned on its side!
With apologies for the photos, but it was so difficult to photograph

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