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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Fairy Door - Yabadabadoo!

It really was to hot to do much today, so decided to finish painting my Fairy Door kit.

The door was created by using various decoart paints, and then applying some distress inks, immediately followed by Ultra thick embossing powder to get the rough look to it when heated

The surround was prepared with Pebeo sand texture paste, which I brushed on to get a rough rock finish.  This was painted with various Pebeo deco creme paints in greys, beige, and white, with a bit of green distress ink added.  Most was applied with a stencil brush in a random fashion, but I also used a dry baby white on my finger for some of the effects.

The hinges and door knocker were treated with Inka-Gold in Pewter, Bronze and Gold.

The Ferns were painted with a mixture of Pebeo green deco creme paint and some green distress inks.
The toadstool was also painted with the pebo creme paints and also some red brusho.  Finally it was given a coat of glossy accents (which might not have been such a good idea on this hot sunny day as that seemed to react with the paint underneath in the sun - oops!)

Apart from the red of the toadstool, the whole project was coated with an outdoor acrylic varnish.

It reminds me of the Flintstones - thus the Yabadabadoo in the title.

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