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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Hybrid Card for a Gardener

This was a bit of an experiment.   I wanted to use my Card-io stamps, but I wanted to create more of a background, so I created the background above in CAP2.

I then got my stamps out and added them to the image.   This was the result:


After stamping I applied some Cosmic Shimmer Frosty Sparkle Kiss all over the image, as I had seen this done on tv.   It gives a lovely sparkle to the finish.  As you can see the camera has picked up quite a bit of the sparkle, so the image appears a bit blurred in the photo, but it isn't.

The image was then mounted on white card edged with green, and mounted onto cream pearlescent card.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Experiment with a Poinsettia

A bit of an experiment with some new dies.  (Confess I am not too sure I like them yet).   I used white card for the flowers, to which I had applied Cosmic Shimmer Frosty Glitter Kiss, rather than try and apply it after I had die-cut the flowers - good move there, as the petals are quite tiny.  The flowers are really quite glittery, and I love the effect of the Frosty Glitter Kiss.

I had intended doing white on white, but didn't like the effect, so I took some copy paper and applied sky blue and sea green Glitter Kiss to it for the background.

I decided the background piece needed an edge to it, so dug out some peel-offs from the stash, as well as the peel-off sentiment.

The die comes with little tiny centres for the flower, but they looked lost - so I added some silver paper effects to the centre instead  (typical - the flooded into each other).   Undaunted, I then sprinkled some Perga Glitter on the "blobs" using hint of green, to tie in with the background.

Not completely sure I like the finished effect, but it will do; and as my father would have said: "A blind man would be pleased to see it!"

Monday, 17 July 2017


Another play with my Card-Io stamps.  I am loving these little stamps.   I decided to go with a little colour on this one, using my Artistry Ink pads.    (I did experiment with a few other designs - but they ended up in the bin!)  

I am also a bit miffed as I seem to have mislaid one of the little deer stamps.  I am pretty religious about putting them back on their acetate as I use them, but this one must have got caught up on something else, and I am blowed if I can find it!    Looks like I will have to purchase that set again, as I love that little tiny deer, and it is only tiny - less than a centimetre in size!  hey ho!

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Starting on the Christmas Cards

I know, I know it is only July, but you have to start somewhere.  Have been awol from the blog for a week it seems - mainly due to a very dodgy arm, that has prevented me from doing much!  In fact I have done nothing most of the week - no crafting .... and definitely none of that dreadful thing called housework!

I confess I sat and watched a lot of crafting shows - I do love all the tips, techniques and ideas you pick up from them.  One of the shows was a Card-Io show, and I just fell in love with the ideas for Christmas.  My granddaughters will love this new addition to my little stamps, which are just right size for them.  OK so I have rambled on enough, no doubt you would like to see what I got up to yesterday.

First attempt - blue wreath

second attempt - black wreath, but got a bit heavy handed with the blue shading
at least the glitter on the lake shows up in this photo

The first two were my first attempt using the stamps.   I wasn't quite happy with the wreath.  I watched the demos again and realised where I was going wrong with the second generation stamping - I wasn't turning the stamp around completely !     I used the smaller stamp and got it right!

Wreath using smaller stamp and black ink again

I then decided to add the scene to the wreath above - definitely an improvement - thinking I am getting the hang of it now and quite like this one.   I love that little cable car!   I also took on board Wendy's trick for creating a shadow - love it!

Looks like another quiet day today - so I think I shall try some more variations, perhaps with a different stamp again for the wreath - perhaps in green.   Hopefully, I will create a few more toppers for Christmas cards.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

A Little Thatched Tudor Cottage

I have spent the last 3 days or so putting this little house together and painting it for a friend.  Great fun, although nerve wracking as you are hoping it is what they want.

I did paint some bits as I went along, but still had to do some more when it was put together.   The roof was the trickiest to get the colour right - I started off with it too yellow, so it was toned down with a light beige and gold Pebeo paint.   I needed to create a thatched roof, and I did this using a little Powertex clear Medium and some cottons swabs.  I wasn't quite sure of the effect to start with but when it dried and "shrank" to the mdf it was ok.  (You could probably get a similar effect, using kitchen roll applied with pva glue.)

I created the black "wooden" strips with black Sheena card, which I ran through a wood effect embossing folder of Sheena Douglass's.   I painted this with black matt Pebeo paint, and then cut it into strips.

If you look closely you will see I applied a bit of sand texture paste through a stencil before painting the white of the house.

When I took the first set of photos, I hadn't realised that I hadn't stuck the chimney on - so this was duly rectified.   The recipient also asked if I could make a house name plate, so this was also done and added.

In the picture above you can see a bit of the "stone" wall effect |I created, using a Tim Holtz stencil.   I also used it for a the base, albeit most of it wouldn't be seen as it is covered by the house.

Friday, 7 July 2017

50th Birthday Card

 Just a quick little card for a friend, created in CAP and then mounted on a square card.   I also added some glitter to the finished card around the number and on the the dogs lapels and glasses.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

More T-shirts

Last week I shared the T-shirts that my three youngest grandchildren had painted.   Today I have sat and painted three more for them.

Regardless of the colours in the photos - they were actually all white t-shirts.

This first one was stamped with Threaders fabric inks and stamps.  I created a template on a piece of paper to get the positioning right, and put this under the material as a guide.  (In fact I used the template as a guide for all of the printing, to ensure I got them in the right place.
Can you guess my granddaughter's name?

This second one was created with Threader's stencils and metallic fabric paints, and then stamped with the Threader's inks and Clarity Stamp mini fairies, and was for the five-year old.   

I had no idea what to do for the 8 year old - she had said something about wanting bananas in pyjamas - erm yes well no!  lol!   Looking through my stash I came across the dog stamp from My Clarity Stamp Club, and thought ummmm - she likes dogs.  I then found the butterfly stencil, and decided I could probably combine the two.   

Printed the dogs on the t-shirt with Threader's ink, and then masked it with a circle and played with the stencil using various metallic and plain fabric paints.   

I trust they will all like what I have produced!