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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Starting on the Christmas Cards

I know, I know it is only July, but you have to start somewhere.  Have been awol from the blog for a week it seems - mainly due to a very dodgy arm, that has prevented me from doing much!  In fact I have done nothing most of the week - no crafting .... and definitely none of that dreadful thing called housework!

I confess I sat and watched a lot of crafting shows - I do love all the tips, techniques and ideas you pick up from them.  One of the shows was a Card-Io show, and I just fell in love with the ideas for Christmas.  My granddaughters will love this new addition to my little stamps, which are just right size for them.  OK so I have rambled on enough, no doubt you would like to see what I got up to yesterday.

First attempt - blue wreath

second attempt - black wreath, but got a bit heavy handed with the blue shading
at least the glitter on the lake shows up in this photo

The first two were my first attempt using the stamps.   I wasn't quite happy with the wreath.  I watched the demos again and realised where I was going wrong with the second generation stamping - I wasn't turning the stamp around completely !     I used the smaller stamp and got it right!

Wreath using smaller stamp and black ink again

I then decided to add the scene to the wreath above - definitely an improvement - thinking I am getting the hang of it now and quite like this one.   I love that little cable car!   I also took on board Wendy's trick for creating a shadow - love it!

Looks like another quiet day today - so I think I shall try some more variations, perhaps with a different stamp again for the wreath - perhaps in green.   Hopefully, I will create a few more toppers for Christmas cards.

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