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Sunday, 6 August 2017

Christmas Tea Light Holder

I bought some little tealight holder kits the other day, and this is my first one finished.  White gesso applied to start and I put all the side and the bottom together and glued them, so that I could apply gesso to the inside.  I then applied gesso to the top and stuck that on,

I used Pebeo deco creme acrylic paint in blue and then overpainted with the pearl finish paint.  The deer was painted in various shades of brown and cream, the lettering in red and the star in yellow - and then went over with the Pebeo gold glitter paint.

showing top and sides

You can't put a proper tea light candle in it, but you can use the battery operated ones, and the cut out fits snugly over the light,
with battery operated tea light in situ

I have two more to make - now to decide what colours to do - this one was painted to work with my daughter's decor.

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