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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Playing With Clay

I have been child-minding the youngest granddaughters a couple of times recently.  Last week, I got the clay out and the made these items

duck by 8 year old

Plate by 5 year old
 Yesterday as they had dried and it was lovely and sunny we sat outside and two of them painted their items.  (Eldest was away at Guide Camp)

All done with Pebeo paints - some decocreme and some DYNA iridescent.   The red on the plate doesn't really show up in the light - it was done with red/blue DYNA and it changes colour as you move the plate.  The duck was given a coat of Pebeo gold glitter paint, before we varnished it.

The 11 year old still as this one to paint at some point

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