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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

5 year old granddaughter learns to use Craft Artist




I have already mentioned that I had the grandchildren over the weekend, and that the 5 year old created a picture for her Dad that I forgot to take a picture of.   Well on Sunday, having seen the card her sister made for a friend she wanted to have another go and make a card for her Mum and fiancé.    With the help of her 8 year old sister this is what she created in Craft Artist.  and I promised to put it on my blog.   (I should add here that they have three cats and a dog - thus the theme).

I love that they want to learn to use all these skills, and will always encourage them.  (Obviously the 5 (nearly 6 year old is just learning to work with computers at school now.

They all also enjoy colouring, so the colouring books, pencils and alcohol pens were all out on the table over the weekend.   All they were too young to do papercutting - we photocopied a couple of the designs, and the youngest two coloured them in instead!

I had intended to introduce them to the messy art of paint pouring - but we didn't get that far ...... so that is saved for another day!

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