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Friday, 19 August 2016


I had great fun painting these!

Using texture paste mixed with cream acrylic.  The red was painted over black gesso
and then over painted with red Dyna paint

Yes - you can get blue mushrooms/toadstools
Blue Black Dyna over Black gesso

I treated myself to a yard of Pebeo acrylics from Hobbycraft as they were on special offer at a silly price - loving them, as normally I have to mix up a lot of my shades.    So much easier when most of the shades are done for you!

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Hand Mirrors



When my granddaughters came to visit last week, I promised to paint up some hand mirrors for them,, that I had bought at the Sandown Craft Show; and asked them to choose what colour etc they wanted.

These are the results of my handiwork.   I was panicking that I had got their "orders" right - but can confirm that I did - and they were thrilled with them when they collected them this week!   phew!

They were all painted with white gesso, and then .....

B's was painted white, and then silver stripes applied with metallic marker (using masking tape).

T's was painted with blue-green Dyna and sponged with the purple DYNA.  I then painted some little paint fusion roses around it.

C's  was also white - but she wanted flowers on it - so she had larger roses painted on hers

The initials for all three were drawn free-hand using Mixtion relief paste, which had silver foil applied, and then the outlines were flooded with various Pebeo Fantasy paints to give the effect of enamel.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Granddaughters mixed media

I thought I would share some work by my 4 yr old and 7 yr old granddaughters  that they did when visiting last week.   The 10 year old also did a nice piece, but I didn't get to take a photo of that!

The heart and the angel were done by the 4 year old and the owl by the 7 year old.

I love the heart she painted Dyna paint over it in random sections, and then I showed her how to apply masking tape, and colour the gaps with Pebeo Silver marker pen.  She loved the effect  when we took off the tape.  I then suggested that she used a thinner silver marker pen to outline the colours and do some patterns with the same pen.

She then painted her angel and decorated her with the silver marker pen and drew on a face using micron pens.  I think she is going to be a mixed media queen!

The 7 year old's owl looks better in real life - the photo doesn't do it justice, but it was a mad panic to take photos before the went home.   She only achieve the painting of the owl as this required waiting for it to dry between doing the front and the back! (and it was gesso'd in black first!)

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

3D Fairy Doors

I had lovely fun painting these.  I normally paint with gesso first on MDF, but on this occasion I just used Pebeo acrylic paint directly - apart from the doors.

The effect on the doors was an experiment based on a demo by Ali Reeve.  I used Distress ink pads on the doors - having put a little acrylic paint on the "striped" section.   I then sprinkled on Ultra Thick Embossing Powder and heated it up, and then applied more distress inks of various colours (there is even purple on them believe it or not!)  I love the effect of the one layer of embossing powder.

I made a little skirt for the fairy using chiffon and my special soldering iron for material.

  Here are a few views of the completed fairy door in various locations!  (oh yes and I sprinkled a little flower soft on the base.)

I then tackled the Christmas Elf, using the same techniques:

and some more photos taken in different locations - outside my den, and at the base of one of our oak trees.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Sympathy Card and a Birthday Card

A couple of difficult cards to make this week.  Sympathy cards are always so difficult, but I have noticed that they are a lot more cheerful in the shops, so kept this one simple too.

The second card is for somebody who is going through a difficult time at the moment, and a health battle.  I didn't want to put Happy Birthday so used Birthday Wishes instead.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

A few cards

All made in CAP2  the Get Well Soon one with an imported image from Andy Carolan's Professional Occupations cd.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Mixed Media Samples

Well I did say I had a lot of catching up to do - so here is another one for today:

Inspired by the Pebeo Mixed Media show on Hochanda, my pal and I decided to have a go at a similar canvas to the one Voitek (spelling) demonstrated.

My canvas

We both used the same paints on a black gessoed canvas, and roughly followed applying the paints as demonstrated - colours applied were DYNA blueblack, bluegreen and green yellow.  Initially painted on with a brush in random strokes, and then sponged on.  Circles were then drawn with 4 Artist marker in white (we didn't have a small silver one at that point in time).  Clear Cerne was applied over the circles, and they were then filled with turquoise fantasy paints.

Silver 4Artist Marker was then flicked at the canvas and pulled out with the Vitrail sparkle medium, we also used the sparkle medium to apply random strokes.

Sassie's canvas
As you can see this ccanvas is quite different, although we were both doing basically the same thing - Sass has applied strokes of the Silver Marker to hers as well, and over-painted them with the sparkle medium.

We also edged the canvas with the silver marker

Letter Holder

Work in progress

I recently joined the Clarity Club, and I have used this month stencil on this letter holder.

The holder was gessoed and then painted with various shades of gold and bronze from the DYNA range.

I then applied modeling paste through the stencil, and when dry, applied the bronze and green/yellow DYNA to the relief work with a sponge.


I then applied some of the green/yellow and bronze paint to a piece of canvas paper and stamped the dragonfly (this months stamp from the club).  Cut it out, and added a few highlights with Pebeo Renaissance Gold Gilding wax.  I also edged the holder with the same gilding wax.

The dragonfly was glued to the holder, and then with Pebeo 4 Artist bronze marker the word letters was added.

Pebeo on a tin

This was a little freebie tin that came with some cigarettes that was in my stash  - I have alrtered a few of these over the years and they hold pins, needles and miscellaneous items.

I applied some modelling paste over the lit with a palette knife that had grooves in it.  I then painted the whole thing with Pebeo Black gesso, and then Pebeo DYNA Blue Black - love that colour.

I couldn't quite decide where to go with it next - but ended up tryig out my new Pebeo 4 Artist Marker in silver over the raised bits.  (The markers are fabulous - oil based and really shiny and come in a number of sizes and colours).

I then used Pebeo Mixtion relief and drew free-hand leaves and when dry foiled them with the blue metallic foiling sheets, and created a flower with some flat backed pearls from my jewellery stash.

The result was quite random, and it does look more effective in real life as you can see the different dimensions.

Messing about with Pebeo paints

Here is another little canvas I did just random messing about with Pebeo ceramic and Fantasy paints on mixed selection of vitrail.  No planning, I just let the paints do their own thing.