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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Christmas Cakes - Scandinavian Gnomes

a selection of gnomes

This year's theme for the family Christmas cakes was gnomes.   Having seen a cake in one of my cake decoration magazines, I decided that this was going to be the theme.   Well I only do simple these days!  (My daughter happened to call in a few weeks ago and saw the magazine opened at the page and said - "oo I would like those on my cake"  my reply:  "Just as well cos that is what you are getting" - lol!

For once I did the toppers for the cake, before icing the cakes, so the picture above is the selection of gnomes I made.

and now for the cakes:  

7" sugar-pasted cake with little gingerbread men around the sides
(little men are actually lighter than in photo and more the colour of gingerbread)

5" gluten free cake with Christmas roses and holly

sugar-pasted cake with a little cheat as I was getting tired -
plastic holly and robin and sugar paste christmas roses  (my cake so
allowed to cheat!)

Royal iced cake for my son-in-law.  Kept it simple, although
he did request a pond which I didn't add!

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Glass Coasters

Hi there followers.  I have been very bad and not done any blogging for a while.   I have been crafting, but have just forgotten to take photos. 

However, I did remember to take some photos of these coasters that I made the other week.   I bought the coasters back in the summer and have at last got around to doing something with them.  Originally it was going to be something with etching and painting, but I changed my mind and made these.

I used an Imagination Crafts stencil for the words using Stazon.  I then applied some pattern rice paper, which I had torn into random shapes.   Finally I used Imagination Crafts Starlight paints in a gold and turquoise colour and sponged it all over.   When it was dry I applied acrylic glaze and the little feet that came with the coasters.    Everything was done working on the back of the coasters.

I think I need some more "word" stencils - as it if I attempted to do this again with stamps - it wouldn't work and I would have to stamp the word on the "front" side.

I didn't know who would get these - but my son rather liked them - so he got them!

Friday, 24 November 2017

Daisies and Bubbles

I liked the layout of the card I created the other day, so I used the same layout using different items for this "digital" card I made for a FB friend.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Acrylic Pouring

I had some fun over the weekend.  I decided to do some acrylic pouring.   Originally I was just going to paint the ceramic toadstools in the normal way, but then I thought - what the heck - go for it - do a pour over them!

I kept to just a few colours and starting at the top of the toadstool. and kept pouring the paint into the centre of the previous colour, and encouraging it to flow down the sides.  It didn't cover quite as well as I wanted - so I took one of the lollipop sticks I had stirred the paint with and drew it through the paint in a couple of places to help it flow better.

I was left with some left over paint - so I did a "dirty flip pour" onto a small canvas, and then sprinkled a few unicorn sparkles in it,   For those that don't know what a dirty pour is - it is when you keep putting the colours in a cup, alternating colours, and then put the canvas on top of the cup, flip the canvas and then lift the cup, and just let the paint flow.

When the toadstools (or should I say magic mushrooms as somebody called them) and the canvas were dry, I applied a coat of Golden clear self levelling gel - wow did that make the colours "pop".

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Christmas Cards - Part 6

Card-io stamps in Clarity snowglobe

This selection uses mainly Clarity Stamps and Masks.   Although in some cases I have incorporated some of the Card-io stamps/  Where there are trees on the background these are a Sheena Douglass stamp.   Definitely a mixing up of "stash" with this collection!

card-io stamps again

Clarity Stamps in snowglobe

Clarity candle and stamps

Clarity (incorporating some of the original corner stamps)


Clarity using their round mask and stamps

Clarity using their square mask

Clarity stamps

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Christmas cards - Part 5

coloured with alcohol pens and a clear glitter pen

Today's theme is Owls and Gnomes.  Have made a few of these.    The Owl is a Woodware stamp and the gnomes were a freebie on a craft magazine (I forget which one - think it was Craft Stamper)   There are a couple of gnomes, and then various "accessories" to build a picture - i.e gloves, presents etc, and there is also a matching die for the outline of the gnome.

all coloured with alcohol pens

Gnome stamps mixed with card-io

I kept most of the cards simple, but the following one was an experiment to use a piece of card where I had created a background with a gelli-plate.  I could have used the die and added him on top, but wanted to stamp straight onto the back ground for a different effect.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Christmas Cards - Part 4

Baubles and Bells.   More of Card-io stamps.  Simple stamping with some glossy accents added.

and one card that didn't fall into another category - a bit of gelli plate printing and Card-io stamps.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Christmas Cards - Part 3

The theme for today's selection is "circles".   Once again using Card-io stamps.  Basically techniques as before.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Christmas Cards - Part 2

Today's cards are a selection of snow scenes made using Card-Io stamps.  I love these little stamps.  The sentiments are from various stamps in my stash.

Basically the background is done with some masking and some colour on a dry wet wipe, to "set the scene"  Then the stamps added.  I love the technique of stamping on acetate for the reflections, and then pressing this onto the card,   

Finally a bit of Nuvo glue and some glitter.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Christmas Cards Part 1

With black trees (and the blob at the bottom is my shadow!)

I shall be posting a few of the cards I have made over the next few days.   I am trying to group them into variations on a theme.   I have made quite a few of these.  Some I have stamped the trees in black and some in green.  I have also added a little sparkle to the trees and the ground below them

I started off my die-cutting the word from red cardstock, but realised this was going to be a bit of a tedious job as I could only cut one sheet at a time.  (boring! - lol!)   So I decided to cut a few out at a time using copy paper, which I then sat at coloured with sparkle pens.   Yes perhaps this took a while too, but at least I was "doing" something, rather than waiting for a machine to do it!

I used one of Sheena Douglass's dies and her tree line stamp,

with green trees

A variation - using the Jingle die painted with gold sparkle.

Variation: white card Christmas on pearlised red card stock