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Sunday, 15 September 2019

70th Birthday card

Just a simple card made in Craft Artist today.  I had intended to do some stamping, but the embossing  attempt went a bit pear-shaped, and then I couldn't see to colour in properly, so I resorted to digital crafting.

(Will be resorting to more of this methinks, as my eyesight is deteriorating for close work.  :(

Monday, 9 September 2019

Kaleidoscope Part 2

The finished item (well almost - I need to make a flower arrangement so sit on the top so when it is not being played with it is more of an ornament).

The decoration is pink roses and rosebuds, with some gilding wax, and some gold relief paint in places.

The inside has blue roses and a dais8

The kaleidoscope with the "slides" in situ for viewing.

A view of the top

The rose on  top of the "box" viewed through the Kaleidoscope

Now to get out the clay and make a floral arrangement !   (The grandchildren have had great fun looking through the scope.  (I may have to make some more "slides" and interchange them).

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Kaleidoscope Part 1

 I have been working on a Bizarre-ology Kaleidoscope over a few days, and am splitting this blog into to parts.

This was the start of the project which was painted in black gesso and then over-painted with my favourite Pebeo Blue/Black iridescent paint.

I also made up the kaleidoscope and added the faux leather and some gilding wax.

Inside the "doors" is the  "slides"  holder

The images were created using alcohol ink, and and some small beads

and here is a glimpse of one of the images through the kaleidoscope:

Part 2 tomorrow - the finished item.

Friday, 30 August 2019

Heat Transfer Paint Printing Day 3

The images for today are from the day my daughter and eldest granddaughter got to play with the machine, using other parts of the machine as well as the mug printer.   So more experimentation.

The first two were printed on MDF coasters - they were both gessoed and one of them had the pre-fix applied as well 

This bauble was printed straight on to the MDF with no gesso

 This mug was done with the stencil cut from a rainbow painted piece of paper:

 Another MDF coaster

 My granddaughter's attempt at a mug, I believe this was created from the paper shown.

This was printed on to a canvas bag

The complete day's selection:

and finally a selection of some of the papers created with with shaving foam and inks, prior to printing:

We have had so much fun - and load of backgrounds etc ready to play with.   My granddaughter is going to set up an Etsy shop so that she can do orders or personalised mugs etc.

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Heat Transfer Printing Day 2

Another day of playing

using an Andy Skinner Stencil

an experiment to see if we could overprint a name on
and already printed mug

a die cut out and used as a stencil and stuck to background
before printing

This time a Clarity die cut out of prepainted paapter in two colours
to create a drop shadow

We also tried overprinting one of our first mugs with a darker colour
Here is a selection of our "messy play" papers, that we created with cheap shaving foam and the inks.

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Heat Transfer Paint Printing Day 1

We have had so much fun recently (My daughter and I and later on my eldest granddaughter)  I showed my daughter an idea on a Nick Roberts show on Hochanda, and she fell in love with the idea just like me.     As neither of us have had a holiday this year - we decided to invest in a machine to do the printing.  (We ended up with one that not only prints mugs, but also T-shirts, plates, coasters and baseball type caps !)

These were the first two mugs we tried  Amazingly the one above came out much darker than we expected, and the one below came out much lighter.   You will note that the initials on the one below were barely visible.

This was the original colours of the first mug on the paper

It was obviously a learning curve - we then printed out a sheet of the all the colours we had and then printed that onto a mug.

colours on the paper

 and below how the colours turned out on the mug:

This is the mug printing part of the machine:

Come back tomorrow and the day after for more of what we have played with.

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Watercolour Birthday Card

A simple watercolour birthday card today.   I stamped the boat (from crafts-too) which comes with two parts the background and the detail.  I then masked it, and did a quick watercolour , and then mounted it on a card.  (The actual painting is 5" x 5").

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

The Eyes/Ayes have it!

My Jane Davenport stamps were still on my desk , and I had an idea in my head to use them.

The background was created with Daler Rowney pearlescent paints in pink, yellow and blue and then sprayed with water.   I then stamped the eyes, and added a bit of colour to the eyes and gave some some "eyeshadow"

Finally I created the sentiment in Craft Artist with a play on the word "Eyes".    Just a simple page, but hopefully effective.  At least I achieved the idea I had in my head.

Monday, 19 August 2019

3D Printing - Fun Day

My daughter and eldest granddaughter called round this afternoon to use the 3D printer. 

My daughter wanted to create some cookie cutters.   The first two pictures show the sloth cutter and the Pi cutter in progress.

and here are the finished results:

Well we had to make some cookies didn't we to try the cutters out:

My daughter then made an Escher style cutter, and again we had to try them out.   I also cut out some shapes from air dry clay.

Escher cookies , vanilla and chocolate.

Escher air dry clay shapes, coloured with inks.

Finally my daughter attempted a Lithophane of one of her photos of Tim Peake with Crochet Tim.

 I think the Lithophane is fab.   she is going to try it again using a negative print.

We had a great afternoon.   Whilst the printer was working (it takes a while sometimes) I played with an idea in my art journal and I will share that tomorrow.