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Sunday, 12 July 2020

Experimenting with a stencil

I feel in love with this eye stencil (well this is only part of it) the other day when it was being demonstrated by Jo Channon on Hochanda.    So inspired by Jo's demo I decided to have a play.

Jo used black stencil paste, but I didn't have any so I created my own using Cosmic Shimmer Gold Pearl Texture Paste and black gesso,

When it was dry, I then played with some new coloured pencils I bought for my colouring/doodling sessions, which I will be backed to next week, and then did a bit of doodling over the top.

Yes I know the word isn't quite straight - thought it was ok until I looked at the photo!   lol!

Saturday, 11 July 2020

A bit more resin work

 At the risk of being boring ......

...... my original Green Man now has a hanger on him and is in pride of place on the wall of my house between my porch and lounge window.   I must admit he looks fab, particularly as the render is a pale green, so his dark green really stands out.

I had a little resn leftover when I added the hook to the green man, so I quickly dusted a mould with blue and gold and poured another dragonfly with the remaining green resin.

Before he was completely set, I shaped his wings, and when set I put him on my hanging basket ... he might even end up dangling from the trellis.

Thursday, 9 July 2020

3rd Green Man

I poured another green man for a friend this week,   Having found my darker green mica, I was able to add a bit more colour to his face,   I also added a little red blush to his face,   I am trying to make them all a bit different.

Here are the three different ones I have made so far:

Not sure what I will attempt next.   I have seen him made in black resin, and also fancy making one with autumn leaves (maybe I will experiment with the small one for that), but I also have some craft concrete powder ..........  decisions, decisions !

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Another Resin Green Man

I poured another green man this week.    Really pleased with how he turned out - really shin and glistens in the sun.   I had intended to make his face a bit darker - but couldn't find my darker green pigment at the time.

Because I didn't have a large container to mix the resin ( he does take rather a lot) I had to do two mexes to fill him, by which time I had found my darker green pigment.   I could have done him in two layers, but decided to pour the slightly darker green before the first layer had set - as it started to sink into the first layer, I just stirred the two different colours together in the mould.   Wow loved the effect   The picture below of the back doesn't really do it justice -it looks as though there are lumps in the resin, but no -it is just the different shades.

I have another one to make for a friend - so shall use a similar technique - although I intend to change the colour of his face a little.   I would also like to make one with more autumn colours for his "hair".

I thought I would add a photo comparing the first greenman I did (on the left) with the latest one.   amazing how different they can look with the different colouring.

I love these moulds they are such a pleasure to work with, and the final finish is spectacular.

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Resin Owl

 I poured a resin owl a couple of days ago.    The mould isn't really made for resin, but I thought I would experiment.   He was quite difficult to dust, as he is a very dark mould.   It would have been nice if his chest was more plumage rather than a pattern, as he would be great as a barn owl.    I also used some matt pigments in with the metallic ones, so he hasn't turned out as shiny as I had hoped.    That of course maybe the effect of the mould itself.   He has turned out looking more as if he was made from bronze.

Now that I can see the detail better - I will do another one.  He is very shallow - so would make a good fridge magnet if I attached a magnet to him.

I might try him again as well with a grey "pewter" look.

Sunday, 5 July 2020

Something a bit different .....

I had a man's card to make this week, and had no idea what I wanted to use for it.   A mixed pack of stamps, stencil and embossing folder jumped out at me.   Not sure where I got it from - might have been from a magazine, or maybe a special offer through Hochanda, as I think it is an Indigoblu make, looking at some of the samps in the collection.  I decided to experiment!

I used the dotty circle stencil with Artistry Inks (a blue, a red and a yellow) through it straight on to the card stock , and then used one of the script stamps over it, using the same colours.

I cut a piece of card and the embossing folder, and then daubed the three colours again over the  raised parts.  I then applied a WOW embossing ink pad across the whole thing and added clear embossing powder, and heated it to give a glossy finish.   I stamped out the light bulb with the clear ink pad and then used the new WOW Blending Powder, heated it up and applied a blue foil to it.   I then coloured it with Artistry Inks and clear embossed the whole thing.

Finally I stamped and embossed the sentiment with Primary Ebony embossing powder and die cut it, and edge it with some of the red artistry ink.

So completely out of my comfort zone with this card, but as it is for a man who likes steampunk, I hope it fits the bill.

Saturday, 4 July 2020

Doodling - a Postcard fro Hawaii continued..

Well we stayed longer in Hawaii than originally planned and we finished the drawing, and then spent most of the second week colouring.   Barbara provided us with a template for the Hula girls, which I basically used but did my own tweeks, and turned one the other way around and added a guitar! I am obviously getting a bit of confidence in drawing now, however slight!

and then it was the fun part ...... colouring in pencils  !  Really pleased with this and it was fun!

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Doodling - Hawaii - work in progress

Last week we spent the week in Hawaii so to speak and by the weekend we had got to this stage,  the penning with just the last postcard to complete.   This week starts off with learning to draw hula girls and cheese plant leaves in the blank space.    This should be fun - a challenge to draw realistic figures.   Fortunately Barbara has created a template to download of her finished piece, so if the worst comes to the worst we can copy her girls.     We will then have the option to colour our piece of hers.

I'll share the result at the end of the week.

Monday, 29 June 2020

More Stash playing again!

  What should have been a simple job to paint this - wasn't!  My own fault as I decided in my infinite wisdom to pain the letters whilst in situ on their carrier "sheet"  ......... wrong!   I know that when MDF gets wet it swells, but I thought as it was so hot and it was drying so fast it would be ok.  Lazy people take the most pains as they say.   It took quite a bit of fiddling to get the words out of the sheet;  and I will confess some of them broke - so it was a bit of a jigsaw putting them all back together.

The back plaque and ring were gessoed and then painted with pebeo blue/black paint, and then gold gilding flakes applied.

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Playing with more stash

Found this cheeky little fellow in my stash, and thought it would be a fun thing to paint on a hot summer's day.    As everything is etched into the MDF, it didn't require a lot of mental effort to colour him.

The decoart neon paints came out again for most of him, together with a little snow effect paste, and some glitter on top of that!

Can't remember the maker of the shape, I just know I bought it through Hochanda some time last year.