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Monday, 29 December 2008

Today's card and a photo from Christmas

I had the good fortune this Christmas of having a cyber pal to stay. We had great fun. She arrived on Christmas Eve and we spent Christmas Day with my daughter and her family. We were all there again on Boxing Day and were joined by my son and his family.

Having said I wouldn't be doing Christmas this year, I somehow ended up with another family get together on Saturday, when not only did my son and daughter and their families come for lunch, but also my husband's brother and his wife. Jacque was still with us - and some mutual friends popped across to see her - and also stayed for lunch. So 14 of us in all . The photo shows my "Sheenie" cyber pals, my daughter (also a Sheenie) and my two granddaughters (honorary Sheenies).

Jacque went home on Sunday - and I really miss her, she really became part of the family for a short while.

The "Sheenies"
Donna, Jacque, Moi, Jan
Bea, Ellie, & Dawn

Today I have knuckled down and made a card for my daughter's mother-in-law. I discovered she loves giraffes over Christmas, which was fortunate as I had already started to prepare the card before Christmas, using the Jayne Netley Mayhew CD. The card was a bit of a nightmare - as I tried originally tried to print the giraffe skin paper and the image straight on to fancy card (having layered it using Publisher) - but the printer had other ideas!
Colours aren't too brilliant - the ribbon is actually quite dark green, as is one of the backing papers between the giraffe skin paper and the floral paper!

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