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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Agnes the Duck?

I got around to making Agnes this afternoon whilst watching Joanna Sheen on Create and Craft tv. (Agnes is the name given to her on the knitting pattern!) I am presuming she is a duck - Well at least an egg-shaped duck!

The crocheting of her body and wings took hardly any time - it was putting all the bits together that took the time.

So another achievement for this non-knitter, non crocheter! Phew! so you reckon I can put down my needles and crochet hook now - erm I don't think so - the baby's big two-year old sister wants me to make her a blanket for her doll's cot. Shall have to knuckle down to this now I suppose so that it is ready for her as a pressie when her sibling is born! Good ol' Nanny!

1 comment:

Beryl (bik59) said...

Aah she's brilliant Mags, know one would ever know that you are a non-knitter or non-crocheter.
Beryl x